Quandary Peak

July 24, 2011

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided on a whim to climb my first “14er”.  Jeans, running shoes, and a light jacket weren’t exactly ideal equipment, but I guess hindsight is 20/20.  Also, did you know that you can sunburn your eyes? That night I experienced a new type of pain. It was pretty scary. Actually, for a couple hours during the night I thought I was going blind (couldn’t open my eyes, excruciating pain, etc etc).

This is a photo from the summit of Quandary Peak, at 14,265 feet.

All the details and a video of the climb.

[This photo was taken with my iPhone 4’s camera and created using an app called Autostitch.  It is a panorama stitched together from 10 individual photos.]

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Quandary Peak


  1. Regina
    November 11, 2012

    Congrats on your first ’14er’
    Glad your tender eyeballs recovered!

    • Regina
      November 11, 2012

      ps Great shot


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